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April 6, 2012
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Character Machine v1.0 by Erangot Character Machine v1.0 by Erangot

Click Here to see some samples!


:: Extract the FACEMAKER1.7z using WINRAR or any other extracting applications you have in your computer.
:: If you don't have Flash in your computer (the .swf file looks like a white icon);
- Right Click>Open With>Any browser that you are using (e.g., IE, Google Chrome, etc)

Don't hesitate to ask questions if it doesn't work for you still!

I know, it's a 50MB .swf file. It's because I've been trying but I just couldn't upload it directly to deviantArt. Please be patient because it's quite large, so it might take some time to download. But hey—I promise it's gonna be worth it! I'll probably update the link soon so everyone won't have to download.

:bulletorange: You don't need to ask permission to use the characters!

You may use them for your games, or as avatars, or you may post them anywhere but do credit me! Please include my username and a link-back to this maker once you post it. Also, show me your work afterwards! I'd really love to see them.


1. In the right-upper portion of your keyboard, press the "Print Screen" button.

2. Open any photo-editing application, such as MS Paint.

3. On the Menu Bar, go to Edit > Paste. The keyboard shortcut for this is CTRL+v.

4. Save!

:bulletorange: CREDITS:
♥ *gen8 for her AnimeFaceMaker, that heavily inspired me to create one and also for reference for some of the items!
♥ ~KawaiiPandah for assisting me in my questions, and for her lovely tutorials!
♥ Google images for the free backgrounds!

April 8, 2012; From November 2008 after 4 years, there is a successor to Character Machine!

Finally! I'm able to finish this after a few months. Although there are a few bugs in there, I might be re-uploading this again for bug fixes or addition of items and such. By the way, I am welcoming suggestions!

So yay to the new version of Character Machine!
I had an attempt of creating a flash game similar to this, which is the original Character Machine v1.0 but then now I find this more as a scratch now, so I'm renaming this version the official v1.0. Because it's still a little buggy, I'm thinking of creating a full-body doll maker although it's definitely not gonna be soon from now!

Happy Face Making!
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WolfBloodRei Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
I found this on a RPGmaker forum about a year back and been using this to make character portraits for RPGmaker VX Ace games. And I JUST discovered that you made it O_O ... Holy shit!
Erangot Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhgh that's awesome! What a coincidence ahaha ;w; Btw thank you for using my chara portrait maker hihi, and youve been making VX games too (I had mine on a reaally long hiatus now)/
but still...! aah what a small world this is x)
WolfBloodRei Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Yeah, I've used the PSD version of it for quick and easy editing, like custom colors and changes in facial expression. I haven't actually finished any of the games (Barely past the prologue, what am I saying? XD) Now that I know who actually made it, I can give proper credit. Do you plan on adding new things to it? Like different skintones?

And what kind of games you making if I may ask? =D
Erangot Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh that sounds great, i'd love to see how you've put them in your game if that's alright for you x)
Ahaha same here as well! There's one called Separated Destiny and Happy Field which is a bit of a harvest moon inspired game, but I havent gotten past anything playable bc there's too much work on the programming and graphics part ;-; /orz

I don't think I will be able to update that one anymore ;-; Although, I promised in the thread I will do a new one, and I have some progress already but thats not gonna be finished anytime soon T__T
WolfBloodRei Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Oh sure! Got some screenshots for you of the two I'm working on.…
This is a screenshot from a datingsim/rpg I'm working on called Matria Academy, which is about a magic school. It's not a visual novel, but I'll be using the portraits I make from your program for the characters and their expressions.…
This is a screenshot of a Horror RPG I'm working on, both the room in the project file and in-game. I made a painting with the character machine and put a frame around it, creating a tile for ingame mapping.…
A screenshot of the same room, only showing the portrait close up.

Sad that you won't be able to update it anymore, but I look forward to seeing this new version =) Take your time. Your games sound interesting. I know how it feels though, most of my games right now are maps and graphics. XD
Erangot Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

they look so promising! and im so glad you're using my portraits for them ;w; the horror game with the woman's portrait intrigues me as well. im looking forward to it whenever you get the chance to continue them again! xD

uhhuhu thank you so much ;-; i really hope i could get to them soon c:
as for the games it's really hard to get it done with no help from other people around x)
WolfBloodRei Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014
Yeah, I generally use Saya for a protagonist, at least for those two games. They're not connected by any means. And thank you. I've a long way to go though. I'm the only one working on them, so I know what you mean. XD I have uploaded a demo to mediafire, but the dialogue and demo ending event needs some work. It's got some bugs in it that I've fixed in the main file, already. Basically, the MC wakes up in a strange mansion in the middle of the night with no power and no clue how they got there (which you totally never see in any other horror game ever XD) but the rest isn't terribly cliche, I hope. I mean, I'm hoping to add some features others normally wouldn't get like a sanity bar and possible means of fighting against certain enemies.
MiruL29 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
I am using this for my Rpg Maker vx Ace. But i don't know how to use it for large faces or potraits or something like that..
Can you tell me how ?? Thanks :)
WolfBloodRei Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
I've been doing this, too, and I figured out how to do larger portraits that fit with the dialogue, sitting on top of it. While you're in Script menu, you should insert the following above the dialogue portion: Go to "show picture" and use the portrait you want. Use X and Y to position it. It varies depending on what script you use for the dialogue box or if you're using default. Here's the coordinates I use.

Regular/Default dialogue script

With nametag (script that shows who is talking):

Other side of screen/Other character:

You may need to tweak it if it's incorrect, but this should help you as a starting place. When the dialogue is over, or you wish to remove the portraits, insert "erase picture" where you want it to disappear.
Tracosperfeitos Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Could have more swords, fittings, is a beautiful character creator, but lack swords, bow and arrow, among other weapons, add more if you can be the best event I've ever seen
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